Creative Talks: Jazzmin Martinez

Hey loves! After a minor creative block, I am back to blogging with a brand new segment. As someone who loves to express themselves through things like writing, fashion and pictures, I know how helpful it can be to pull inspiration from other people. Whether it's simply from people I follow on Instagram or my close friends, I am constantly inspired by the tremendous amount of creatives out there, which is why I am launching Creative Talks. In this segment, I am going to be interviewing some of the most inspirational and expressive people I know. Hopefully this serves as some inspiration to those reading, because I know it definitely does that for me! Today, I talked to YouTuber Jazzmin Martinez who has killer style and even better content.


Name: Jazzmin Martinez

Age: 22

Location: Eureka, CA

Hey Jazzmin! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! Well, obviously my name is Jazzmin, but most people just call me Jazz! I’m a fashion/lifestyle vlogger living in Northern California! If I had to describe myself (which honestly is strangely such a hard thing to do) I would say I’m very quirky and weird! Sometimes it turns people off from me, but I honestly love who I am and I embrace every aspect of it. I also say honestly a lot.

Where did you go to school/what did you study/how are you using your major today?

I went to Humboldt State University, which is a local university a few towns over from the one I grew up in! I originally majored in Film, but realized I didn’t necessarily want to tell stories with my films, rather than just use film as a medium for sharing things. I did get to work on a Bigfoot film though which was totally cool. After that, I majored in Communication. I like to think I use my major every day in my life. Not only did it help me learn to analyze situations in my personal life, it taught me so much about paying attention to the perspective of others. It helps me navigate life with an audience, and learning how to best put myself forward in a positive light!

The content on your YouTube channel is incredible - how do you always come up with innovative ideas? Do you ever get a creative block?

Thank you so much! I love that you said that because sometimes the material I put out doesn’t seem that amazing, simply because I’m so hard on myself. I take a lot of inspiration from all the videos I’ve watched growing up on YouTube. When it comes to cinematic styles, I lean towards Amanda Steele’s OOTDs, as well as TheLineUp! There are so many styles of YouTubers, and I feel like taking bits and pieces of the styles you like helps you create content that is 100% you! And YES. Creative blocks happen all the time. My cure to these little bumps always results in a day of playing dress up. Being inspired by street style looks and getting to be creative (and fall in love with my closet again) always inspires me and reminds me of why I started in the first place! Also vlogs. Vlogs are amazing because you can literally just bring the camera along with you and you’ve got content!

What are your favorite type of videos to film? What’s the video you’re most proud of creating?

My favorite types of videos to film are OOTDs. They’re so unique because they can be filmed in so many different styles. Lookbooks are fun too, but sometimes the excess of outfits can make some of the outfits lack detail and flair, therefore sticking to one amazing look is so fun and easy. Plus, editing is always a blast. Add some super cool music, a little slow mo action, and you’ve got yourself an epic OOTD. Surprisingly, the video I’m most proud of is my June Favorites video. I remember wanting to film a favorites video, but not wanting it to be boring and basic, so I decided to just show the things I was loving in a more interactive and fun way. The video turned out so well that I remember making all my family members sit down and watch it with me (so awkward now that I look back on it haha).

Where do you see yourself in five years (in relation to your channel)?

In five years, I hope to have hit 100k subscribers. It’s my ultimate goal, and I work towards it every day! I think I also think at that point in my life I will be so much better at editing! I learn something new with every video, so I can’t even begin to imagine my skill set in five years! Maybe even have a few collabs with some cool people, ya know, usual youtuber stuff. Also, as weird as it is, in five years I hope to have been invited to at least one super cool influencer only pool party. I saw one on snapchat last summer…  and it looked epic.

Now - where do you see yourself in five years otherwise?

Oooo, this one is hard.  I just hope that in five years I am doing something that I love. It’s so important for me to make a name for myself on my own, and to make sure that I pursue my dreams to their fullest potential. I want to look back on my life and be proud of the things I accomplished.  Also I would love to be married by then… ;)

Top three places to shop. Go.

Ahhh! Okay, Brandy Melville, ASOS and Urban Outfitters!

What has been your go-to outfit this fall?

My go to outfit this fall has been a cozy turtleneck, vintage denim and ankle boots! So comfy and ridiculously cool.

What role does fashion play in your life?

I think fashion plays the biggest role in my confidence. I always truly feel my most confident and most myself when I love what I’m wearing. Fashion has become my passion, my hobby, and my past time. It’s just a feel good thing for me that I know I can always fall back on!

Okay now for the last (and most important) question: what’s the secret to your killer Instagram feed?

Oh my gosh! The secret is using the same filter every time. I didn’t start doing this until about 3 months ago. Keeping a “theme” is so hard for me because I end up feeling so limited on what I can post. Using the same filter for everything helps me post whatever I want and lets everything still tie together smoothly. As for my chihuahua’s instagram…. It could use some work. ;)

Thank you for sharing, Jazzmin!


Stay positive, ambitious and kind,

Emily Ciavatta